My College Experience (So Far!)

April 2016

By: Ashley H.

“Hello! My name is Ashley Harvie and I am attending Metro State College. I know the campus now from bottom to the top. It really  help me become more independent from riding the train there with Mason and Alan. I find out about the inclusive program from Cathi when I stop going to High Pointe Center. There was a meeting for people with disability to get the experience of a real college.

Then I am riding the train by myself. It is fun taking real college classes except there is a lot of homework to do. I love going down there and walking around the campus and going to the Tivoli to get coffee from Starbucks. I am taking a ECE (Early Childhood Education) class, Yoga, Computer class, and personal finance. It make me feel good and hangout with my friends.

From last August when I started the boot camp, it was a really good experience for me and I have learn a lot from the boot camp with Microsoft Office 365 and the other courses too.

After MSU Denver accepted me to be come a real college student this year after the interview, I was so excited to become a college student like Rick. I love all of the classes what I am taking now.

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Ashley working on course work 

Ashley in her yoga class on campus

My Experience The Inclusive Higher Education Certificate Program

February 2016

By: Mason B.

The Inclusive Higher Education Certificate Program is a very good program. It’s actually way better than the Douglas County school district bridge program.

It has very nice teachers, staff and student mentors. I enjoy the classes I am doing. I’m doing an online business management class. It’s a series of online videos (very interesting). I am also doing a Self-Advocacy class as well, along with a Learning How to Learn class. I enjoy being in the college environment. For transportation I take the light rail down to the metro campus in Denver, Co. It’s right across the street from the Pepsi Center. The campus is really big because there are two other schools on campus. There is Metro State University, Community College of Denver and University Colorado of Denver.

I am studying Business Management, as my course of study. It shows me what it takes to run a business. I have wanted to run my own business for a long time. It something I have always had a passion for. Some of the things I have learned are Product vs. Market- it has shown how to start a business.  It shows me how to create a product to sell to different companies. I am good at making things out of wood.

Tradition vs. Innovation– it has shown me how to manage a business. It has told me how things are different between traditional like Mountain Dew vs. Pepsi. They are both made by the same company, but they have different tastes. One has a sweeter taste than the other one.

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Mason presenting in class

Mason studying during class

Hi! I’m Alan and I’m Going to College!

November 2015

By: Alan B.

Hi I’m Alan and I am going to College! I go to Metro State University.
May 2015 I got a scholarship from the John Lynch/Anna Sie and John J. Sie Global Down Syndrome Foundation. John Lynch Salute the Stars 2015 Global Down Syndrome Foundation Scholarship to help pay for college at Metro University. John Lynch’s Salute the Stars is designed to honor student-athletes, including some with special needs, from the Denver and greater Colorado areas. It is the Lynch’s intention to recognize what is ‘right’ with our youth today. The student-athletes who are honored excel in academics, athletics and community involvement.

I met John Elway, John Lynch, and Coach Kubiak on the Bronco Field with other kids and an Air Force color guard.
Now I go to Metro and study Sports Fitness and Unified Coaching.

Ms. Cathi and Ms. Janie are my teachers.I use Outlook to send letters to my teachers. The teacher puts lessons and our pictures on the big screen. We have lessons on YouTube. I am Learning How to Learn and Self Advocacy, that’s a big word. I learn how to talk about disabilities. My disability is Down syndrome. I learn to talk for myself.

We do presentations in class. I like to do presentations in class with my fiends Rick and Mason. I use accommodations, my laptop and Natural Reader.

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Alan receiving a certificate in coaching with student mentor Jenny

Alan working during class