College Prep

What is the “College Prep Program” at IHECP?

College Preparation, also known as Boot Camp, supports students as they transition from K-12 programming to independent learning. Students learn how to:

 – Navigate the campus safely and independently

 – Participate in college-level coursework

 – Self-advocate for accommodations and modifications to coursework

 – Use public transportation

 – Study independently

–  Increase digital literacy skills

 – Use technology to support their independent learning

College Preparation classes meet two days per week for six hours a day to give students an authentic, college-level academic, social, and independent experience with full IHECP support. Unless a student can document successful completion of college-level coursework on a community college or university campus, students looking to participate in the Inclusive Higher Education Certificate Program must successfully complete at least one semester of College Preparation.

All College Preparation courses are modified from college-level coursework and “blended,” meaning that courses consist of video lectures and learning materials that can be watched as homework, while class time is used to discuss and apply learning rather than lecture.

The courses for the College Prep Program at IHECP are taught on the downtown Denver Auraria campus. IHECP instructors guide students through modified college-level coursework in learning and study strategies, self-advocacy (on campus, in the community, and in the workplace), personal finance, and one student-specific course in a student’s area of interest. Student-specific courses have included:

–  Public Speaking

–  Food and Beverage Management

–  The Organized Teacher

–  Foundations of Teaching

–  Early Childhood Development

–  Anatomy

–  Physiology

–  Sports Fitness

–  Unified Sports Coaching Certification

–  Exploring Filmmaking: From Script to Screen

–  American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED certification preparation

–  Business 101 – Launching New Ventures