What are the best things about us? 

We are raising expectations for, and awareness of, our students’ participation as purposeful, contributing citizens in our communities, so they may live life to its greatest potential.

Our instructors, board members, and donors all highly value inclusive higher education and the positive impact it has on our community. Using the Person Centered Planning model, students determine their area of study based on personal strengths and interests.

Our college level curriculum is modified to meet the student’s learning needs.

Students with IDD can now earn a certificate in their individualized area of study, seek meaningful employment through internships and apprenticeships, and gain life-long independence.

Our students have demonstrated exponential growth in the areas of academics, independence, and confidence.

Our online learning management system was designed to engage, support, and document student learning through research and evidence-based learning strategies.

What are some specific accomplishments we proud of at IHECP? 

The IHECP team has extensively researched current, established, successful programs in other states to create a hybrid program: the first, truly inclusive, college program in the state of Colorado. In partnership with Metropolitan State University-Denver, we successfully launched the IHECP pilot program the fall semester 2015.

Since launching, we have served: 

–  21 student semesters in our College Prep program

–  10 student semesters in Inclusive Studies Support

–  2 student semesters as online distance learners

–  100% retention rate from fall 2016 through spring 2017

–  Our program has awarded $26,000 in scholarships so students could attend and participate in our program!

–  In 2016, we were named one of Colorado Impact Day’s “Top 60 Social Impact Ventures”.

–  Students have earned certificates conferred by a nationally recognized program.

–  All students use public transportation to and from campus.

–  All students independently access the higher education learning management system, email, and productivity software.

–  We have written and video testimonials from professors and fellow students documenting their positive experiences with inclusive students.

–  We have video testimonials from parents documenting how their student has grown through participation in the program.